Nutrition for Eating Disorder Recovery

Food is more than just fuel. We use food to celebrate, socialise, show love, explore and more. Life with an eating disorder distorts how a person views food. Food becomes scary, food becomes something that is used to control and communicate emotions, food becomes something that isolates and consumes thoughts.

No matter what eating disorder you may be suffering with, no matter your age, weight, colour or gender, you deserve the freedom that comes with recovery.​

Those impacted by disordered eating or nutritional deficiencies risk becoming less competitive in their sport, more prone to injury and risk permanent physical damage that, in some cases, can be life-threatening.

You are not defined by your past. It’s time to abandon destructive behaviours and do something that will grant you the full and happy life you deserve.

Conquer Your Food Fears

Your nutritional therapy consultation is an opportunity to share your food behaviours and body image struggles in full confidentiality. There is never any judgement, only compassion and the motivation to help you to recover.  

Alone it’s very easy to give in to the unwell internal voice that tells you to manipulate your food. Together we can dismantle the myths and illogical “advice” that an eating disorder touts.

Over time, with nutritional education, courage and patience, you can build a healthy relationship with food. An eating disorder gives you a false sense of control. Recovery is eating the foods that you truly love…Guilt free!

Eating Disorder Recovery Nutritional Therapy Coaching


Initial Assessment 1hour

Lifestyle and nutrition assessment, baseline goal setting and development of nutrition based on your needs.

Weekly 45 minute consultations

During our follow-up sessions, we will continue to talk through your personal goals, revise our care plan as needed, talk through medical labs as needed, identify additional resources that might be helpful to you (i.e. supplements, books, podcasts, referral to see a mental health professional, etc.).

Support includes
  • Holistic investigation of your medical history

  • Individual dietary, lifestyle and health goals

  • Meal planning and recipes

  • Email support

Note: Supplements and tests are an additional cost and will only be recommended where necessary.

Call 07583 000 109 to book your FREE 30-minute exploratory call. This is not a sales call and there is no obligation to take any further action.

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