How to Prepare for Quarantine With an Eating Disorder

Image shows a woman in isolation looking stressed

If you already suffer from mental health illnesses such as anxiety or OCD, it’s likely that the news about coronavirus COVID-19 will impact how you cope. You might not even realise you’re struggling as your response to feeling all consumed by it can make you disconnect altogether.

It’s important to check in with yourself and gauge how you’re feeling. This might feel scary but the best we can do is have a plan well so that we’re prepared and follow the guidelines from the authorities (e.g NHS).

In this post, I’ll share exactly what I have been discussing in my sessions on how to prepare for quarantine with an eating disorder.

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The Different Types of Food Restriction

What is food restriction?

Restriction is sneaky! You will be surprised at the different ways you might be restricting your food. Don’t feel dismayed if the following list is overwhelming. We don’t need to tackle each restriction individually, what is more common is that by tacking one form of restriction, we eliminate another in the process. Restriction begets restriction, but the reverse is also true. When we challenge one layer of restriction, we challenge the food rules that sprouts from it. I’ve often had clients feel surprised that something has stopped without them consciously challenging it. Food restriction is tiring. Once you build your toolbox of coping tools, you’ll find that the need to restrict no longer serves a purpose. Food restriction takes up a lot of brain space and effort and the real kicker is that it doesn’t solve anything in the long-term. 

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A Simple Goal Setting Technique

Image credit: Social Uncut

Hands up if you’ve ever set yourself a goal only to scrap it or even to forget it before completion. We may even pretend we never even set the goal in the first place. We know we set the goal for a reason, but we don’t even know where to start. So we seek out distractions, Social Media, TV, playing games – anything to stop you from thinking, about how stuck you feel. Its a feeling I know too well. I’m going to show you a simple goal setting technique. This technique will be your catalyst to feeling that great sense of achievement every single day.

This isn’t my technique, it’s a technique I use. A medley of all the literature I’ve read on the subject.

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