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A registered nutritionist, Pilates Instructor and committed health coach dedicated to helping you increase your health whilst building a positive relationship with food and your body. 

In 2010 I started my private nutritional therapy practice. Over time, I realised that many of the people sat in front of me, were looking for a quick fix. They basically wanted to be put on yet another diet. They wanted me to support a lifestyle created by a diet culture. Eat clean and exercise. Being young and eager to help, I obliged. Supplying recipes and meal plans with a list of foods to reduce or avoid and foods to focus on. It worked…In the short term. But it wasn’t sustainable.  Clients would stop seeing “results” and would feel embarrassed to come to tell me that they had “fallen off the wagon” and that they needed to restart.

Truth be told, it sounded very much like my own relationship with food. I suffered from energy and blood sugar swings and I was constantly hungry. With all the tools and knowledge I had, I still lived my life on a diet.

I started to study different techniques that focused on the behavioural aspect of making a change. I started with me and challenged the beliefs I had about my body. But more than that I challenged what optimum health meant to me. As I got clearer on my life and my authentic health goals, the less the number on the scale meant to me. I started to practice mindfulness. After a lot of experimenting and occasionally retreating back to the diet culture, I noticed that eating “normally” reduced my food thoughts, increased my energy and sorted out my constipation. Yup, I was pooping every day! My skin looked healthy and my nails were no longer peeling and flaky. I didn’t have to battle with my hunger anymore. I was free to get on with what I was put here to do.

Are you tired of restrictive diets?  Do you want to stop obsessing about food and your weight?
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The ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach doesn’t work when it comes to individual bodies and lifestyles.I work on the basis that each person is unique. Consultations are tailored to your needs, tastes, level of motivation and lifestyle. 

Through one-to-one consultations, online group coaching and my FREE monthly newsletters, I help people, like you, improve their health, tackle anxiety and increase their energy levels without the need for restrictive diets and unsustainable exercise regimes.

Food doesn’t have to be scary. Food is more than just fuel. We use food to celebrate, socialise, show love, explore and more. We can use food to nourish and energise us without becoming obsessive and judgemental about it. 

I have a passion for food and fitness, I feel honoured to commit my life’s work to build a coaching practice that frees people from restriction and abandon destructive food and exercise behaviours.

I hope that in one way or another, I can help you discover what authentic health looks like for you. More importantly, you’ll discover what you can achieve when you’re working at full power, full of energy, greater mental capacity and self-esteem.

Consultations are available online, in central and South Kensington. ​Call 07583 000 109 to book in your FREE 30-minute exploratory call.

Professional Bio

Kaysha Thomas is a registered Nutritional Therapist and Pilates Instructor. She is an accredited member of BANT, CNHC and REPs.

Kaysha studied at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, London, for four years in order to achieve her Nutritional Therapy Diploma before graduating in 2010. In 2015, Kaysha decided to further develop my skill set by training with BASI Pilates UK.

Kaysha’s professional experience comes from working for a private eating disorder facility in London, supporting employee wellbeing for corporate clients as well as a private practice in London.

Kaysha works on the basis that each person is unique. Consultations are tailored to your needs, tastes, level of motivation and lifestyle. Nutritional Therapy gives you an opportunity to explore how your beliefs, food and lifestyle behaviours impact your mental and physical wellbeing.

Kaysha is a lifelong learner and is deeply fascinated by the wisdom of the human body. She is currently studying for a Master of Science in Sports & Exercise Nutrition.

Kaysha’s work is supported by regular professional supervision.