go site Do you know what the largest organ in the body is? Well, it used to be skin. Seems this may no longer be the case. It appears scientists have found a new organ in the human body. Interstitium (yeah try saying that after a few shandies). According to New Scientist, interstitium is a network of fluid-filled that seems to help move cancer cells around the body.

It has been under our nose the whole time

orlistat cheapest place to order The organ was discovered during a routine endoscopy (inserting a thin camera to take a closer look at the gut). After their initial discovery, pathologist Neil Theise looked at the skin under his own nose and found more interstitium. It has literally been under our noses the whole time. After further investigation, it seemed interstitium was everywhere in the body. The researchers behind this discovery think that interstitium may protect body tissues by acting as a shock absorber.

“This finding has potential to drive dramatic advances in medicine, including the possibility that the direct sampling of interstitial fluid may become a powerful diagnostic tool.” Dr Neil Theise

A possible diagnostic tool

Theise and his research team are looking into whether the fluid found in interstitium can help us diagnose cancer earlier. Moreover, it is thought that the organ could be involved in inflammatory disorders and rare liver diseases. They have proposed that we revise our anatomical concepts of skin.

The full report by the team who made the discovery can be found here. Interesting stuff, hey?


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