Are you ready to put a stop obsessive food thoughts?

Join me to learn how to find freedom, from restrictive behaviours and heal your relationship with your body!

Start your journey to authentic health today!

Join our tribe of women who want to set themselves free from restriction and live the life they deserve!

Here is your chance to be part of our supportive and empowering group!

Hi I'm Kaysha

Hi, my name is Kaysha, nice to meet you!
I help women build a healthy relationship with food and feel confident in their bodies.

Do you find yourself going from diet to diet only to end up feeling out of control and guilty about food? Do you have an all or nothing approach to exercise?

You are not alone! I have created a group of like-minded women who are ready to let go of their diet-mentality and build trust in their bodies. The group provides a safe space for you to transform your mental and physical wellbeing.

More About Me

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